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Product Designer @ Skio

74 days ago

Remote (USA)

Kennan Davison


We're hiring a Product Manager! As the first PM at @SkioHQ you will work cross functionally with design, eng, cx, and sales to learn our customers needs and help our team triage, plan, and execute on our roadmap.

If interested, learn more ( or dm me :-)


We help brands on Shopify sell subscriptions (+much more in the future). We're growing extremely quick after launching at the end of April 2021 ($3.7M seed in August 2021).

Ways we stand out:

  • Solo-founded. Generally speaking, solo-founded companies can give way more ownership and that's what we do here. We believe very much in taking 1 great fit over 3 good fits and giving the 1 great fit more ownership.
  • Post product-market-fit since we're "regiciding" a $2.1B incumbent with PMF (ReCharge). Bev, Muddy Bites, MatchaBar, SIMULATE, Magic Mind, and most of our customers come from ReCharge. We also charge more (since we have a better product).
  • Fintech + transaction fee business model (1% + 20c on every order).
  • One of the best times to join in terms of risk/reward. The optimum time (EV-wise) to join a startup is right after PMF while still being pre-series A. That's us right now. We're also a team of 19 so there's still equity to hand out.
  • Extremely picky with hiring. There is a wide spectrum of skill (great, good, okay, bad, horrible) and we only hire great (and go above market). We optimize for (healthy levels of) revenue per employee over total revenue.
  • Fast firing. If someone isn't a great fit, we part ways so they can find something else where they're a great fit.
  • D2C/Shopify app ecosystem is low tech. No competitors with strong engineering teams. Lots of low hanging fruit.
  • Set yourself up to be a founder (if you want to). Feel free to do a lot of learning here and go off on another adventure in a few years.
  • Flat org structure (with leads/comprehension-first titles). Good read on this here.
  • No meetings if possible. Make reversible decisions over Slack quickly. Make irreversible decisions a bit slower with meetings. If needed, 20m meetings by default. Concentrated meetings on 1 day of the week.
  • Practical perks only (health/vision/dental insurance + tax deductible things). Everyone has different spending habits and we'd rather just pay you more than waste our brain cycles on unused perks.
  • Big long-term vision for building network effects.
  • Similar to Netflix culture. We highly recommend reading. Think of us like a startup/high-upside version.
  • Trillies, not billies. Unicorn means nothing. We aim for kermit ($1T+ valuation).


A big part of joining any startup is betting on the founder(s). Here's why I think you should bet on me:

  • Extremely obsessive & competitive. Have done 100 hour weeks without burning out my whole life. Concrete examples:
  • Top 200 in LoL NA solo queue (100 million+ players globally) in 1 year.
  • Learned to code & got top tech internship offers (Pinterest, Stripe) in 1 year (dropped out after freshman year).
  • Got product-market-fit + raised a $3.7M seed for Skio solo in 4 months after launching. In 1.5 years if you include time pre-Skio/post-Pinterest.
  • No personal safety net (e.g. rich family, prior exits) which in turn makes me very paranoid. This compounds with the above in helping me work very hard (beyond what most people consider reasonable).
  • Extremely EV-based decision-making. If something is uncomfortable, I'll run straight at it. I also spend money in any way I can to save time and get more done.
  • Thick-skinned. I'm used to being flamed from my gaming days :-) This helps me stay cool in high-pressure situations (e.g. I can help calm down angry people).
  • Won't tap out early. Many founders start focusing on other things in the $1-10B range (e.g. thought leadership, angel investing, other projects). I'll do my best to take Skio into the trillies (kermit).

Great traits

  • Honest. Doesn't lie by omission / believe in ends justifying the means.
  • Can grind (aka work longer hours).
  • Really good at something with high skill ceiling. Poker, piano, gaming, sports, past startup/project, anything.
  • Adventure-driven. We're here to build a legendary company & make some fun memories (+hopefully lots of money).
  • Similar sense of humor. We’re rekking a $2.1B, 8 year old incumbent as a 1 year old company and it’ll be more fun if you think it’s hilarious. It's pretty much trolling on a business level.
  • High delta in circumstances & outcome. Maybe you're from a poor family (rich ok too) or maybe you started coding late, but it's a pretty strong signal when you're able to do much better than most people in your shoes would do.
  • Apolitical. Get shit done mentality (not performative). You don't care about titles/getting promoted or moving into management (people who aim for management usually are not great at either IC or management). Bonus points if you've experienced a political company culture and it killed you inside (will do our best to make sure this never happens here).
  • EV-based decision-making. You prioritize things that make customers happy + make us money.
  • Contrarian (within reason). You study the status quo and efficiently try to break it in the right ways.
  • Autonomous. Can take vague requests and get them done without needing too much help (if you need dedicated mentorship, it's not a fit).
  • Creative. 5 high quality ideas while working on 1 idea.
  • Comfortable parting ways if it's not a great fit.

Typical engineer interview process

  • Practical. No leetcode prep needed.
  • 1-2 chats. Vision, progress, milestones. past org scaling experience, what you like working on, etc. In-person or remote.
  • Takehome. Similar to problems we've worked on. Takes ~1-2 hours.
  • Option A: paid 20 hr trial to add feature(s) over 3 days to 1 week. Day 1 is onboarding/working together in our SoHo NYC office + grabbing food. Rest can be in-person or remote (taking 3 days off to work together is probably optimal).
  • Option B: in-person onsite that builds on takehome + 1-2 other questions. Team meal before/after depending on timing.
  • 2-way ref check. You chat with our investors, customers, & partners. We chat with previous (or current) coworkers/managers.
  • Offer. 3 options. 1 high equity. 1 high base. 1 mid equity/base. You also get to see our cap table, revenue, burn, customer pipeline, & state of the company.